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 Do I have to pay customs duty at my end?

 Many countries do not charge duty on garments for personal use. Other countries charge a very nominal duty. We will be more than happy to help you minimize payment of duty wherever possible. However these levies, if any, are the sole responsibility of the customer.


International shipping restrictions

Our effort has always been to bring Indian fashion to every corner of the world. In rare cases, it may happen that due to reasons beyond the control of Pagli’s authority it may not be possible to deliver. Pagli apologizes in advance for any such shipping restrictions created or observed in the future.


Shipping of boxed gifts

At Pagli we believe in respecting every request made by our customer. However, an outfit / item which is gift-wrapped at Pagli , may not reach the final destination in the same condition. This may be due to delivery procedures which may bring about wear and tear to the gift wrapped box. Under rare conditions it may even be opened by customs authority at either end for verification. If this ever happens to our customers, Pagli will not be responsible in the event of such an incident.



Every endeavor is taken by Pagli to deliver the orders at the customer's doorstep. Pagli had tied up with leading international courier companies to deliver the products to the customers. Normally a product is delivered within 73-96 hours from the time of dispatch. However there might be delay in delivering depending upon the geographical location of the country and the local custom procedures. 


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